Greenspring Village
Macintosh User Group
The Mac User Group meets on the 2nd Monday of each month
in the Town Center Class room at 1:30 PM.
Welcome All

Meeting Information

A projector can be set up for a meeting. If you wish, you can bring your laptop to "Connect Up" to the WiFi Network and also to follow along with the discussion. The room will be set up as a class room with the tables.The latest version of MacOS X will be used in all discussion and demonstration.

Our purpose will be to learn to use and enjoy our Macs and it is important that our meetings are interesting and beneficial to both the beginner and the more experience user. We will try to have something for both in every meeting.

MUG Meeting Slides and Handouts

For Members
Mac Users & Friends at Greenspring

Click for a Skill Level Guide It defines an "Intermediate" User in some detail making it easier to visualize "Advanced" and "Beginner" levels. Please take a look and rank yourself. Our goal is to get all of us at least to the Intermediate level as soon as possible. 

Also attached a Member Information Form, designed to gather some data on your preferences. Please, if you haven't yet, print it, fill it out and return it at a meeting or drop it in cubby, WC- 514.

We need a few of you more experienced users to pitch in and help beginners and novices and also help with presentations. Presentations need not be long and elaborate and can be just a on something you learned from a magazine or from the Apple Support Web Site. It is a good way to really learn a topic yourself.

MUG Volunteer Helpers
If you want help learning your Mac or to resolve a procedural problem we suggest you contact a MUG Volunteer Helper. These resident volunteers are available by appointment.  Call them and arrange a time. There is no charge for their help and they are volunteering to help you learn how to use a computer, not to repair a defective computer. They will do there best to answer your questions and help resolve problems.

Please call a MUG Helper between the hours of 9 AM and 7 PM and try to call a one living near your apartment first.  Be patient. These are Resident Volunteers and, like you, have other commitments. In a pinch you, might check the MUG Member List to see if there is a friend or neighbor you could call on.

The MUG Helpers:
  • Bill Raymond, WC-514
  • George Keitt, HP-510
  • Marie Lee, WC-302
  • Al Poulin, MG-502
  • Derek Cundill, PV-212

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