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Arledge plans to change to a different Email service provider and because our Web Site is on the same server we would have to transfer to a new host server. This makes for a convenient time to retire the site. It will save the hassle of establishing a new contract and transferring to a new server.

We are retiring the web site for many reasons such as the uncertainty of  Resident interest and the alternatives that Erickson Management has provided with their emphasis on the Resident Internet Gateway (Touchtown), Channel 6&8 and RLTV. The Residents site is redundant in many ways because the Gateway provides much of the same information. We suggest you visit the Gateway at http://www.touchtown.us/erickson/portal.jsp

The Resident's Web Site will retire when the contract expires with the Email provider. The site data will be archived so that it can be restored in the future if need be. If there is any real interest indicated by the resident’s reaction it can be restored perhaps with some renovation and more resident involvement in maintaining the site.

The site will simply disappear when the server shuts down sometime in December.

Our thanks to the Residents and Staff that provided content for the web site and especially to Katie Kane who’s diligence and hard work provided most of the news and human interest content.

We also extend our thanks to Arledge Electronics Inc. and Joe McCall who have hosted our site for these many years.


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Four performances of "Shakespeare With a Twist" were presented in May by the Greenspring Players at VS Theater.

All the acts are among the funniest ever presented by the Players, and the authentically-costumed actors add to the spirit of Shakespeare's time, says Fran Duvall, president. The performances were at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, May 1, 2 and 4, and at 2:30 p.m. Saturday, May 5.  Requests for tickets, $3 per person, have been placed in cubbies.  If you did not receive a request, call Dot Brown, 703-866-1537.  Some tickets may be available at the door.

The show opens with George Bush and Ernie Sult singing and dancing "Brush Up Your Shakespeare."  Next are "While Shakespeare Slept," where a dreaming young Will meets the heroines of his plays, and "Romeo and Juliet," a musical parody written in verse and directed by Verna Finly.  Between acts, Anne Marean will sing to the theme music of the "Romeo and Juliet" movie. Among the 60 residents involved in the cast and crew are Marcia Aberle, Mildred Hanson, Frances Huenemann, Ray Magliozzi, Sara McCorkle, Mary McDonnell, Doreen Provost, Mary Schuweiler, Virginia Scott, Mal Searle, Ruth Tomasko, and Martha Vasquez.

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