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Latest Club Information

The schedule and course listing for the 2021 Computer Club Education Program is now available.  Reservations are now being accepted for all scheduled classes.  The full schedule is available here or under the Learning Menu.

The Computer Lab is now fully open.

GRIX is a Greenspring community information source delivered by email.  In today’s stressful situation where current information is so important, GRIX is one of the must have sources.

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The presentation materials from the 2020 programs are at the top of the list available here.

The Greenspring Computer Club welcomes you, our site visitors, and invite you to join us in learning new things about our technology. Most of our learning sessions are for the beginner to intermediate experience levels. Our registration fee is $2 for a lifetime membership.

If you have recently moved into Greenspring, you may find a number of items on the pages of this site that will help you install, configure and use your technology and television equipment.

View the Computer Club Calendar

The Computer Club Programs are scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

2:00 pm

Village Square Theater

Club Email: